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Брачный договор
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  • The dictionary-phrase book (with translit) in the given version contains 4 languages: Russian, Armenian, Georgian and English. As the dictionary still to be in working out Russian - the Armenian part is presented more full, than the others.


    1. All documents are given in *.DOC to the form that allows to find instantly command FIND a demanded word, instead of tiresomely to thumb through as in *.PDF files.

    2. All information by a demanded word is on one line: a translation of a word on other languages; is mutual-cross translit from each language on all the others. The finding of the demanded information thereby becomes simpler.

    3. Electronic *.DOC the form allows the user: to make sorting of all table according to any column = to language; most to enter in the list grammatical rules, a phrase book and the dictionary the additional information necessary for it.


    1. Studying of one of the presented languages, in a case if the user already knows others one or two languages from the presented list.

    2. Drawing up of traslit-letters or audio-messages.


    Considering the open and free character of distribution, FreeWare, it is possible hopes, that users will send to the developer the information which they, in the course of using the dictionary, have in addition brought in files. The sent offers, corrections and the information, after corresponding studying, will be placed in base files then they become accessible to ALL users. As a result we will receive dynamically updated product, all is better meeting requirements of users, and your name to be added in the thankful list.


    The delivered archive contains folder SloTranslitYY-MM-DD with files (date of last editing is specified in a name of a folder and files)

    1. SloTableYY-MM-DD.doc. The table with Russian - Armenian - Georgian - the English dictionary. Is mutual-cross transfer and translit.

    2. SloGrammarYY-MM-DD.doc. Rules граматики, studying of language necessary at the initial stages. Elementary expressions and offers with their translit. An apportion of letters on the keyboard for certain languages and fonts. References to sources of the additional information.

    3. SloGrafYY-MM-DD.doc. Samples letters of languages, the description of ways of their writing. Grouping and sorting of letters according to their conterminous and differing graphic characteristics.

    4. Folder FntArGe with Armenian and Georgian fonts (AkadNusx - Georgian; Arasan, Ararat - Armenian).

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