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Installer v.2.1
[ ] 30.11.2008, 16:26
(Includes instruction)
 Before the installation requires uninstall of the old version!

Dear programmers.
 Any more the first month free of charge extends package PGF - AUTOMATIC localisation / CORRECTION of structural ERRORS in initial codes Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, C#. To me as to its developer, it would be desirable to define more accurately quantity of its direct users, their professional requirements, that to them to like, and that it would be desirable to alter. Therefore the request to copy mentioned below questions, to attribute to ALL the answers and to send to grafor.pgf@gmail.com address. 
In advance I express to you gratitude, and I ask to excuse for this anxiety.
- Date (DD.MM.YYYY) =
- Yours НИК or First name, middle initial, last name =
- The country and residing place =
- As you have learnt about package PGF =
- Whether you and скольким familiar / transfer to employees the copy PGF =
- At what decision of type of problems you use PGF =
- How many months you use PGF (the beginner =0) =
- That to you in a package to like =
- That you would like to change =
- That you consider in a package as more important: possibility of better and visual formatting of initial codes
Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, C#; or automatic localisation/correction of structural errors =
- Whether you expedient consider creation of similar packages for other programming languages and for what it is concrete =

I wish all the best.
Troshin Vasil.


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